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The Southern Pacific Railroad History Center plans to build a public museum with a variety of exhibits for the enjoyment of all people.  Hands-on exhibits will feature the complete story of the men, women and machine who built the west’s most diverse transportation company.  You will see the Southern Pacific in scale model dioramas, depicting the magnificent vista of Donner Summit in California and the agricultural majesty in the plains of Texas.  Two unique passenger railcars will offer visitors a chance to step back in time to relive the era of travel from 1869 to 1971.  Visitors will witness how the Southern Pacific helped shape America west of the Mississippi River and provided skilled jobs for growing families.  The economic and industrial development of America between Portland, Oregon and New Orleans, Louisiana and St. Louis and northern and central Texas was shaped by Southern Pacific and the History Center will proudly present this heritage in a physical and virtual setting.

This website is dedicated to the proud men and women who worked for Southern Pacific and its affiliated companies and made it a great transportation company operating primarily west of the Mississippi River.  The documents, pictures, and videos that are posted reflect the diversity, achievements, and rich history of the Southern Pacific.   It also honors those who are no longer with us.  Although Southern Pacific has ceased to be a corporate entity, its spirit continues to exist and can be felt when one sees a locomotive with Southern Pacific/Cotton Belt markings, a boxcar stenciled Southern Pacific/Cotton Belt, or a former Southern Pacific/Cotton Belt station building.

It is the goal of the Southern Pacific History Center to instill this sense of pride and accomplishment in all who visit the History Center physically or virtually, and we encourage all to engage regardless of their race, color, religion, national origin, disability, age, marital status, or sexual orientation.

DMB Novato NWP 08-26-86.jpg
Southern Pacific Railroad History Center

SP 9027 at Fairbanks, Texas on November 12, 1981.  Photo by Stuart Schroeder.

Morris New Orleans Long Bridge SP3434W A

SP 3434 on the Huey P. Long Bridge, New Orleans, April 1977.  Photo by Garry Morris.

SP 4329 running over Northwestern Pacific Railroad  trackage south of  Novato, California on August 26, 1986.  Photo by David M. Bernstein.

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