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Gary V. Hunter


Gary V. Hunter

Railroad Industries Incorporated

Full Service Transportation Consulting

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Railroad Industries Incorporated
Chairman and Chief Executive Officer - Reno, Nevada                                                                                                                                 1997-Present                Chairman and Chief Executive Officer - Hot Springs, Arkansas                                                                                                               1993-1997              
President - Reno, Nevada                                                                                                                                                                                              1983-1993            
  Mr.  Hunter  put  his  rail  hands-on  experience  into  his  own  consulting  firm  to  provide  expertise  to  rail shippers,  railroads,  public  transportation  and  economic  development  agencies,  private  investors  and other  transportation  service  companies  across  the  country.   Work  has  included  branch  line  analysis, equipment utilization and analysis, development of operating plans, market development, transportation costing, intermodal analysis, merger studies, developing short line railroads, and financial analysis.  Mr. Hunter serves as the Chairman and CEO of the firm, managing all major business decisions, in addition to serving as Project Manager for most projects.  He ensures quality control and provides most input for contract  negotiations between Class I’s,  shippers  and  short  line  railroads,  alternative  operations scenarios and traffic development strategies.  Projects of note include Expert witness services for injury, rate, equipment, operations, right of way, STB and contract issues; Project Management for Utah Coal Rail Line  development;  100’s  of  NLV  and  GCV  evaluations  for  short  line,  regional  and branch  line railroads; yard and terminal operations analysis for 12 BNSF Railways’ terminals nationwide; Contract switching,  operations  and  economics  analysis  for  shippers  nationwide,  including  Procter  and Gamble, Cargill  Grain,  AK  Steel,  Palladon  Iron,  Sierra  Pacific Power,  Martin  Marietta  Materials  and  Bayer Materials;  and rail   abandonment and acquisition  projects in Maine,  California, Louisiana, Oregon and Utah to protect rail service for future economic development.   


Arkansas Midland Railroad, General Manager                                                                                                                                                              1993 -1994

Jones Mill, Arkansas

Mr. Hunter was responsible for the overall operations of a $5 million short line railroad which includes 131 miles of track, 37 employees, and 21,000 annual carloads.  The maintenance of way, maintenance of equipment, operations, marketing and agency departments all reported to Mr. Hunter.  In addition, Mr. Hunter was responsible for all purchasing activities and real estate transactions for the company.         

Transportation Marketing Services, Inc., Consultant                                                                                                                                                 1987-1989                   Pleasant Hill, California                            
Mr.  Hunter  was  responsible  for  achieving  revenue  and  profit  objectives  of  the firm  as  directed  by  the President.   His  duties  included  market  development,  strategic  planning,  equipment  analysis,  physical distribution analysis, branch line acquisition analysis, competitive analysis, market research, contract rate negotiations, sales development, operations analysis, and development of business plans.  He prepared testimony, traffic and revenue projections diversion estimates, and traffic flow analyses for the Anschutz Corporation  and  Rio  Grande  Industries  in their  acquisition  of  the  Southern  Pacific  Transportation Company.  Clients included the 
government, shippers, transportation companies, and port authorities.


Southern Pacific Transportation Company, San Francisco, California                                                                                                       1981 - 1987
Marketing Services Department                                                                                                                                                                               1986 -1987                    Intermodal Department                                                                                                                                                                                                 1985 -1986                      Market Planning Department                                                                                                                                                                                    1981 -1985

In the Marketing Services Dept., Mr. Hunter was responsible for achieving revenue and profit objectives for the corporation as directed by the Assistant Vice President - Marketing Services.  His duties included developing  agreements  with  other  railroads,  developing  a  network  of  short-haul  TOFC  trains, and evaluating the competitive environment and  implications for the  corporation. He  was  involved  with branch  line  sales  and  agreements,  working  with both  investors  and  financiers  to  develop  short  line railroads.   He  handled  SPTCo.’s  application  for  trackage  rights  in  the  Union  Pacific-Missouri-Kansas- Texas Railroad merger including a traffic flow analysis, diversion estimates, and revenue projections.

In the Intermodal Dept., Mr. Hunter was responsible for special studies on all aspects of domestic and international TOFC and container traffic as directed by Assistant Vice President - Intermodal.   His duties included  contract  development  and  negotiations,  developing  and  analyzing  costs, developing  and analyzing various markets, and pricing, representing approximately $500 million in 
annual revenue.

In the Market Planning Dept., Mr. Hunter was responsible for the market development and pricing of the aggregate and cement commodities representing approximately $80 million in annual review.   He was originally hired as Assistant Manager, Market Development - Bulk Services (May 1981-July 1982), and promoted  to  Product  Manager,  Marketing  &  Sales  -  Aggregates  and  Cement  (July 1982-1985).   His duties included forecasting and analyzing of product market with objective of expanding SPTCo.’s market share,  reducing  operating  costs,  and  increasing  profit  margin.  Additional  responsibilities  included negotiation  of  contracts  with  customers,  developing  and  analyzing  costs,  and  commercial  decisions involving equipment allocation and acquisition.  In response to the Staggers (4R) Act, directed marketing efforts  in  aggregates/  cement  from traditional  single  car  rate  to  unit  train  contracts  generating  a  20% increase in SPTCo.’s share in the western railroad market.  Over a three-year period, this represented a net contribution turnaround from an $8 million loss to a $5 million profit.                                                                  
 Western Pacific Railroad, Transportation Department                                                                                                                                1976-1981                          San Francisco and Bay Area                                                                                                                                                                       

Mr. Hunter’s responsibilities included both staff and direct line supervision of railroad operations.   Staff position   reported   to   Director-Operating   Administration.  Responsibilities   included   projecting   and monitoring of annual system operating budget of $70 million; in-depth analysis of operating expenses; working with line managers to determine and coordinate individual terminal and district costs with overall system forecast; presentation of budget variances to Vice President-Operations; and providing guidelines and requirements for the programming of departmental reports.   This line position reported to Division Superintendent.  Mr. Hunter was responsible for directing rail operations in the district between Oakland and Stockton - the fastest growing region on the railroad, which generated $15 million in gross revenue with an operating budget of $2.2 million.   The territory comprised a variety of rail operations; main and branch  line,  industry  and  road  switching,  interchange,  and  joint  facilities.    Mr.  Hunter  coordinated schedules, assignments, and train performance to customer requirements with other departments of the railroad (i.e. Sales, Car Distribution, Train Operations/Dispatching, Roadway, and Mechanical).  He also supervised train and engine operating employees within the district in addition to 20 station employees.


Master of Business Administration, San Francisco State University                                                                                                         1976-1979                         Selected as Master of Business Administration "Alumnus of the Year"                                                                                             1980
Bachelor of Arts, Business Administration, San Francisco State University                                                                                    1972-1976
Majors: Business, Transportation, and Real Estate               

Selected to receive Strathmore’s Who’s Who for 2001-2005; This award recognizes individuals who have demonstrated leadership and achievement in their occupation, industry or profession. 


Selected to receive the 1998-1999 Who’s Who in Executives and Professionals; This award recognizes outstanding professionals.

Selected by Citation's to receive the award of Who's Who Among Rising Young Americans for 1992 and 1993.  This award recognizes achievements in American Society and Business.

Selected by American Biographical Institute to receive the award of 2,000 Notable American Men for 1992 and 1993; this award recognizes past achievements and outstanding service to community, state and nation.

Other Activities

Presentation, Gerson Lehrman Group on “Rail Industry Updates”                                                                                                          2010                               
Speaker and Presenter, Truckee Meadows Community College                                                                                                               2010
              TMCC Logistics Class Presentation on “Rail Industry Highlights”                                        
Presentation, Gerson Lehrman Group on “Rail Industry Overview”                                                                                                        2007                           
Speaker and Presenter, American Short Line Railroad Association                                                               2008 Annual Conference
Speaker and Presenter, Transload Distribution Association                                                                              2007 Annual Conference   
Speaker and Presenter, North American Rail Shippers                                                                                               2005 SWARS Meeting       
Financial Advisor, Ansonia, LLC                                                                                                                                                                        2004-2012
Member, Board of Directors, Sierra Northern Railway                                                                                                                       2004-2011        

Presenter, Operation Lifesaver                                                                                                                                                                         2003-2009                                      
Trustee, Philip E. Kalthoff Estate                                                                                                                                                                       2000-2004

Member, Board of Directors, and Treasurer, Meadowridge Homeowner’s Association                                                    2002-2010

Chairman of the Board and Chief Operating Officer, Reno Pacific Rail Corporation                                                           1998-2011

Instructor, San Francisco State University                                                                                                                                                   1983-1993

     "California Railroads" seminar in rail transportation developments, past, present, and future


Lecturer, San Francisco State University                                                                                                                                                       1985-1992

     "Private Carrier Management" seminar in transportation management

     "Traffic Management" seminar in traffic management"

     "Physical Distribution and Logistics" seminar in physical distribution


Career Mentor, San Francisco State University                                                                                                                                       1984-1992

     Work with students in career and education development.


Teaching Assistant, San Francisco State University                                                                                                                                1974-1979
     "Railroad Excursions" Assisted professor in conducting tours and leading discussions 

Guest speaker at San Francisco State University, local groups, and associations; currently pursuing research on railroad management, equipment, innovations, history, future projects, transportation policies, and United States laws; involved with business, management, and transportation consulting.  

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