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1968 Locomotive Fireman SP Los Angeles Division

1971 Locomotive Engineer SP Los Angeles Division (11th class to go through the then-new SP simulator 8799)

1978 Supervisor Engine Service Training, Cerritos, CA

1979 Road Foreman of Engines, SP Los Angeles Division (HQ Taylor Yard)

1981 Administrator Engine Service Training Center, Cerritos, CA

1984 Training Director, Operations Training Center, Cerritos, CA (engine service, train service, train dispatchers)

1991 Established joint training facility AT&SF / SPTCo at Lenexa, KS

1996 Whisked away by the UP

1997 Lenexa facility closed and some staff, including me, transferred to UP training center at Salt Lake Community

College, Salt Lake City, UT

1998 Applied for and awarded position as locomotive (fleet) manager at the new LA Service Unit Command Center

1999 Manager Operating Practices (aka Road Foreman of Engines) UP LA Service Unit, West Colton, CA

2008 Vontarily exercised engineer's seniority, worked out of Kaiser Yard on the "Ontario Local"

2013 Retired with 45 years service

Currently work (limited) out of home office developing railroad operating crew training programs for

Transportation Certification Services, now part of Hallcon Corp.

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