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One of the main purposes for the creation and development of the Southern Pacific Railroad History Center is the need to preserve the legacy of the Southern Pacific and the company's impact on culture, human migration, the evolution of legal concepts, economic advancement, and community development.  Many older settlements in the 13 states west of the Mississippi River that Southern Pacific operated throughout were developed as a direct result of the railroad at the center of the community.  This led to economic prosperity and opportunity for the growth of large and small businesses, and the creation of many universities and colleges, particularly after World War II.


In many ways, the Southern Pacific Company and the railroads and many other non-railroad companies it owned and operated were significant in the development of the Western United States.  To emphasize this, our goal is to provide visitors with a world-class museum experience where guests journey through almost 150 years of progress, experience railroading in scale, understand the historical and technological advances that led to the convenience of modern travel, and provide a family-friendly environment for all people.  The best news is that the journey does not end within the walls of the history center itself.  Through our online forum, website and oral history program, you will be able to experience much of enjoyment we have to offer through a virtual setting.  Being an organization without walls will help us reach a audience throughout the United States and beyond bigger than our physical capacity would allow, and we remain committed to updating our online presence and virtual materials on a regular basis.  To help us continue our goals and truly provide a Southern Pacific without walls experience, please consider making a tax-deductible donation to the organization.  A link to donate can be found on the homepage and by using the donate link in the menu.

HKV 001 Nacogdoches No. 25 TNO 622 6-55.

Southern Pacific (T&NO) locomotive 622 and operating as passenger train No. 25 at Nacogdoches, Texas in June 1955.  Photo by Harold Vollrath.

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