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SP-10 | Willits, CA | January 31, 1971 | Photo by Roger Puta

The most exciting part? Right this minute, you can help us restore our one-of-a-kind centerpiece attraction — SP-10, affectionately known as “The Budd Car” — with a generous matching grant of $10,000 that’s waiting only for your small, medium, or large donation!

Welcome to the SPRHC — where “SP Lives!”

Restoration Preparations Begin

By Restoration

Our team of dedicated volunteers is proud to announce we have made excellent progress preparing for the restoration of SP-10 in Woodland, California! The Sierra Northern Railway has finalized our agreement for space to restore the car and our volunteers are now working on weekends to scrape, grind, blast, weld, and paint. With that, it’s time we ask for your help to support the SP-10 Restoration Fund!

Just as we requested financial contributions to save the railcar from the scrapper’s torch and return it to California, we need your help and generosity to begin a skilled restoration. Read More