Near the SPRHC entrance, you’ll come upon the beginnings of a world class model railroad, starting with a complete scale replica of the former mission-style Third & Townsend Passenger Station in San Francisco. This fantastic structure, razed and replaced in the 1970s, once was home to famous SP trains such as the Daylight and the Lark, as well as being the beginning and end of a Commute journey to and from work for tens of thousands of Bay Area residents

With an available space of 120 by 180 feet, the highly details HO railroad in 1:87 scale will delight viewers of any aga with operating SP trains, serpentine tracks, familiar local railroad and topographical scenes, and impressive floor-to-ceiling Sierra Nevada mountain scenery.

Provisions for simply sitting to enjoy the scenes, passing through at your own pace, or viewing from a platform above the perimeter will allow the experience to be enjoyed by folks of all ages and abilities. The railroad is progressing under the accomplished direction of skilled and lifelong model railroad experts, and the track plan stretches from the Bay Area, up and over Donner and into the Palisade Canyon and deserts of Nevada, then across the Great Salt Lake to SP’s eastern Overland Route terminus of Ogden, Utah.